Vastu World

First Project in Rajasthan Which is certified by Vastuworld, Pune and BZS, Germany for being Vastu & Energy Compliant.

Vedic Vastu is very auspicious and useful but it is rigid & has very less adaptability with modern context. The underlying principal of Vedic Vastu is that homes are made on ground floor with direct earth connection, in Apartments concept, each apartment would be disconnected from earth & have multiple human energies living together. Thus energy adaptability in present context of life style and space utilization needs modification.
Building Bau Biology (Scientific Vastu) is a specialized branch of building science with human health as major concern. Building Biology focuses on life energies as per today's lifestyle. it ensures maximum compatibility between human energy and their spaces.

    The Three major energies harnessed through Building Biology are:
  • Cosmic Energies for Mental Peace.
  • Global Energies for Harmony and Relationship.
  • Geopathic Energies for Stability and Financial Gains.
The harnessing of energies is ensured through use of artificial energy modulations using bio-resonance remedies so that nature and earth can reach each and every apartment.
At the plot level, special instruments, developed by Vastuworld Pune and BZS-Germany, are installed to amplify strong geopathic energies of the earth. This would give strong earth connection to each apartment as earth is the main energy giving source.
At each Apartment level, energy harmonisers are installed below the flooring to enhance the residential bliss. These harmonisers would act as catalyst and amplify mental peace, harmony and stability of all persons living inside the apartment.
At Shakun Elegance, each and every apartment has been studied and made compliant with Scientific Vastu Norms. We are making it sure that total balance is maintained and all 5 elements and 9 directions are connected to mother earth inspite of living on above earth floors.